Michigan Google Ads Concepts: The Basics

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads, formally known as Google AdWords (before it change to Google Ads in 2018) is a advertising tool created by Google. Digital Marketers, advertisers & salespeople use this tool to create short advertisements using either videos, text, shopping, etc.

Google Ads make it very simple for people to create their first ad. Below you will find the steps that will walk you through how to make your first advertisement.

Step 1: Tell Us Your Goal

When creating advertisements, each company (specifically the advertisers) has a set goal in mind for what they would like to achieve. For example, one company may only want to adverse to grow the traffic on their website, whereas another might want to take the people who visit the site to make a purchase (conversion).

Step 2: Decide Where to Advertise

This step is pretty self-explanatory, you have the option to choose where your ads will be shown (depending on your goals). You can either Stay Local or Go Global.

Step 3: Create Your Message

This is where you highlight your business in a few short sentences. If you want to excel in this step, add an image to create a banner.

Step 4: Set Your Budget Cap

Not many companies have unlimited budgets, so be very careful in this step. Choosing a budget cap is very important because if you try to go over budget, it will not allow you to because you told Google Ads that I don’t want to spend more than x amount of money on ads. The good thing about this tool is that when you set a budget cap, Google Ads will show you how much results you will get with that specific amount of money.

Step 5: Go Live!

Once the ad(s) are created, you can go live! Google will display you ad when consumers search for your products or similar products to yours. The only thing companies will pay for is RESULTS!

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