The Plymouth SuperCenter is a small, locally owned & operated business in Plymouth, Michigan. The SuperCenter is a business that has a convenience store, gas station, car wash, detail center, oil change, u-haul, Biggby Coffee, dry-cleaning, and postal center.

When I sat down with the owner and manager, they has some goals that they were hoping to accomplish with hiring me. They wanted to create a new website because it was out-dated and create a social media presence on Facebook (as well as Instagram).

So I created them a website on Squarespace that you can find at You can see the work that I have done with the seven plus businesses as well as you can see the quality of posts and content on Facebook on the Plymouth SuperCenter.

If you are looking for someone that can create you a website and/or that can create content on social media, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

– Email:

P.S. Please make a subject headline because I get spam emails, and I don’t want yours to get lost in the shuffle.

– Phone: (734) – 748 – 3616

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